Dog Microphone!

Dog Microphone / Pie Hole is a small pair of programs to play board games over a network. Everybody sees the same board and can move tokens about on it. Everybody has a private set of variables to record the game's state, and there's a chat feature open to all users.

There are two versions of each program: one written in C and one in Python. The Python versions are slow, but should run on just about any system where Python and SDL are supported.

The main package includes python programs, source code, and 32-bit windows binaries. The source code needs libSDL and zlib. Building Pie Hole's embedded font requires python and PIL. To run under Windows, you'll need the SDL and zlib DLLs. Both Python programs require pygame (the SDL wrapper for python).

So? Get to it:

User support is provided on a when-I-feel-like-it basis by Andy Sommerville: ak sommerville at g mail dot com.

I really haven't tested this yet; only running it on my local network. Once it gets some mileage, I'll probably rewrite from scratch. Once I know what needs changing, that is. (in other words, this is an excellent time to suggest big new features).

Read the online manual here.

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